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Vomit Waste Bags (50) 11101209

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Vomit Waste Bags provide School Nurses, students and staff with a safe and effective way to reduce the mess and contamination risk of vomit spills.

Easy to hold and dispose of, these vomit waste bags have a plastic opening that fits over the student’s mouth, capturing vomit and eliminating contamination. They are Hospital Grade.

Made from double polythene with a hard plastic rim, Vomit Waste Bags feature volume markings and a twist and seal lock that traps odour and content.

Vomit Waste Bags Directions

  1. Each bag has clear instructions printed on exterior.
  2. Hold plastic opening over student’s mouth.
  3. Once used, twist and lock bag. Dispose of immediately.

Vomit Waste Bags Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.