Student First Aid fracture

Signs and symptoms of a fracture include severe-to-moderate pain, swelling, redness, bruising, deformity or loss of normal function, tingling or grating sensation in the injured area. 

Shock is a normal response.

1. Call Triple Zero (000) for an ambulance if there is:

  • severe pain
  • deformed, bluish or discoloured limb
  • protruding bone
  • deep laceration or significant bleeding

2. If bleeding and/or a protrusion is present, apply padding around the wound and a sterile dressing loosely over the open site but no direct pressure

3. Immobilise the limb with cushioned support and a sling or splint. Apply a wrapped ice pack to the injured area if tolerated

4. Help patient into the most comfortable position with the least amount of movement

5. Manage shock: loosen tight clothing, maintain body heat, do not give food or fluids, give frequent reassurance until ambulance arrives or medical attention is sought