Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about our School First Aid Kits and School First Aid Supplies


Are Student First Aid employees vaccinated against COVID-19?

As authorised workers, we are compliant with the Victorian government vaccine mandate. Every person who works at Student First Aid already is or will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by 26th November 2021.


Can someone come out and inspect my School First Aid Kit?

Yes. Victorian schools can book an on-site School First Aid Kit audit to check that all Department-recommended First Aid Kits are fully stocked with in-date products and ready for use. Call our office on 1300 017 036 to arrange an appointment.

If you're located outside Victoria we can help you run a self-audit using your School First Aid Kit contents list as an order form.


What’s in a School First Aid Kit?

The contents of a School First Aid Kit depend on the type and size of the kit itself and the school environment it’s to be used in. Even the most basic School First Aid Kit contains essentials for an emergency, including a resuscitation mask, adhesive dressings, sterile pads, disposable gloves, antiseptic and eye care.


What type of School First Aid Kit do I need?

School First Aid Kit contents should meet the first aid requirements of individual schools and Department of Education and Training recommendations. Our First Aid Kit Checklist provides School Nurses and School First Aid Coordinators with a quick guide for easy checking and online ordering. If you need more information or have any questions, please call our Student First Aid Customer Care line on 1300 017 036.


Why do I need a School First Aid Kit?

Schools must maintain at least one major School First Aid Kit in the sick bay, plus portable School First Aid Kits for excursions and yard duty. Government policy and guidelines stipulate that schools have appropriate first aid equipment to enable health support. Principals, teachers and school nurses must be familiar with the school’s first aid procedures, and observe their duty of care to students by providing first aid treatment within the limits of their skill, expertise, training and responsibilities.


Do School First Aid Kits carry medications?

No, a school must store any medications separately from its First Aid Kits including any prescribed or non-prescribed medication provided by a student’s parent/carer or the adult/independent student. Refer to your school's Medication Policy and Procedures.


What is a module?

A module is a small pack containing specialised products to supplement a general School First Aid kit, eg. a school Science Lab may require a Burns Module in addition to its main School First Aid Kit. The module should be stored within the main kit, or close by.


Can I order off a School First Aid Kit contents list?

Yes. All our School First Aid Kits come with a contents list, which you can then use as a checklist to replace used stock. You can also print a contents list for any School First Aid Kit off our website to use as your checklist. Simply email or fax your order through to our office on 1300 778 960.


What is the TGA?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is Australia’s regulatory body for therapeutic goods. The TGA ensures that therapeutic goods available to Australian consumers meet acceptable standards of manufacturing quality. A therapeutic good is a product that has a stated therapeutic purpose, including medicines such as antiseptics, sunscreens, medical devices such as dressings and bandages. Student First Aid is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a manufacturer of School First Aid Kits, under license number ARTG145972.


Can I use School First Aid Supplies that are out-of-date?

No. Most first aid consumables carry an expiry date, signifying when the product ceases to be effective or safe. The product should be replaced upon expiry.

The medical devices regulation now allows either "manufacture" or "expiry" dating for most non-sterile products like bandages and some cotton consumables, as their functionality is not expected to be affected by ageing if they are kept in the recommended storage conditions, ie. unopened, clean, dry, away from direct sunlight. 

Dispose of and replace any product if it is five years past the "manufactured" date. A liquid product should be disposed of and replaced three years from the "manufactured" date, if an expiry date is not present.

Dispose of and replace any product if the "expiry" or "use by" date has passed.



What should I do with expired or damaged first aid supplies?

Expired or damaged first aid applications like creams, lotions and gels should be emptied and disposed of in general waste, and containers recycled if possible. Adhesive dressings, ice packs, dry dressings and bandages can be offered to animal shelters or wildlife rescues. If your expired or damaged supplies are removed by one of our First Aid Kit Auditors, they will be brought to our warehouse for sorting. Non-perishables are picked up by one of our charity partners for distribution to communities in developing countries where WHS regulations are less stringent and supplies are urgently needed.


What if I’m allergic to latex?

We carry a wide range of latex-free dressings and disposable gloves which are latex free.


How do I use the first aid products?

Inside every School First Aid Kit is a First Aid Emergency Instructions sheet, which provides basic first aid advice. Online you’ll see a comprehensive listing of common School First Aid Emergencies along with recommended first aid applications. Always call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.


Do I need an approved account to shop online?

No. You can choose your School First Aid Kits and School First Aid Supplies online and simply pay by credit card.


How do I place an order?

There are 4 quick and easy ways to place an order with Student First Aid:

  1. Shop online at
  2. Email your order to
  3. Phone Student First Aid Customer Care on 1300 017 036


How do I open an account?

Call or email Student First Aid Customer Care to open your Student First Aid account.


What payment methods do you accept?

Visa and Mastercard. Student First Aid account customers can also pay by cheque, direct deposit and Eftpos.


What’s your return policy?

School First Aid Kits and School First Aid Supplies should be checked as soon as possible after delivery. Any notice of discrepancies must be made to our office within 7 days of delivery.


Exceptions are:

- if a product fails to work or do what was described, you are entitled to a remedy

- if a product is faulty, you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund, depending on the nature of the fault.

Shipping expenses can only be refunded if the goods are faulty or do not match your order.


I’ve received the wrong goods. What do I do?

Call Student First Aid Customer Care on 1300 017 036 within 7 days of receiving your order.


What if an item is out of stock?

You’ll be contacted and notified of availability or an estimated delivery date.


Do you deliver interstate?

Yes. We despatch around Australia within 48 hours of receiving an order, depending on your location, time of order and product availability.


Is Student First Aid Australian-owned?

Yes. Student First Aid is 100% Australian owned.


But I still have some questions ...

Call us on 1300 017 036 and we’ll have the answers!