Febrile Convulsion


Febrile Convulsion - high fever in a child under 6 years old can cause loss of consciousness, muscular jerking, flushed and dry skin or bluish colour to face and lips, foaming at the mouth, loss of bowel/bladder control, rolled eyes.

1. Stay calm and don't panic

2. Ensure patient is lying down and safe from nearby hazards including hard surfaces. Cushion their head if on hard ground.

3. Time the convulsion episode if possible

4. DO NOT restrain the convulsion, place anything in the patient's mouth, nor put them in a bath or lower their temperature artificially.

5. Once the convulsion has stopped, carefully remove clothing to allow the skin to cool naturally. 

6. Place the patient in recovery position and seek medical advice to determine the cause of fever that prompted the convulsion.

Call Triple Zero (000) or mobile 112 for an ambulance if:

- the convulsion lasts more than 5 minutes

- the patient doesn't regain consciousness once the convulsion has stopped

- the patient is very unwell after regaining consciousness