Abdominal Injury


The abdominal cavity is unprotected by bones, which leaves abdominal organs including liver, spleen and stomach susceptible to serious injury.

Signs and symptoms of an Abdominal Injury include severe abdominal pain, inability to stand upright, abdominal swelling or distension, a bleeding open wound with possible intestinal protrusion, nausea or vomiting, and shock.


1. Reassure patient. Lie them in a position of most comfort, with cushioning under their knees and head

2. Loosen tight clothing particularly at waist and neck. Check for signs of injury and control bleeding

3. Call for an ambulance on Triple Zero (000) or 112 from a mobile

4. Do not touch visible organs. Cover a gaping wound with sterile non-adherent dressings soaked in clean warm water, then cover loosely with cling wrap if available

5. Secure with wide crepe bandages without applying pressure

6. Do not give food or drink, do not apply direct pressure or push organs back into the wound.