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External Bleeding

External bleeding from an open cut, abrasion, laceration or puncture to the skin can put a patient at high risk if untreated or unable to be controlled.

1. Apply pressure to the wound with a clean dry dressing or cloth to slow bleeding

2. If the wound is on a limb, elevate it above the heart and continue pressure for 5 minutes

3. Once bleeding has stopped: a) rinse the wound with water, saline or antiseptic b) carefully remove any debris with sanitised tweezers c) pat dry and apply a sterile dressing

4. If a foreign object is protruding from the wound, do not try to remove - apply pressure and padding around the object

5. If an amputation occurs, control bleeding and recover the severed part in a clean, press-seal bag inflated and placed in a container of cold water 

Call Triple Zero (000) or mobile 112 for an ambulance if:

- bleeding is continuously heavy or spurting

- a foreign object is protruding from the wound

- the wound is from an animal bite