Apply these 5 SunSmart steps when the UV Level is 3+:

1. SLIP on sun-protective clothing 
  • collared tops with sleeves
  • pants or skirts to mid-calf
  • tightly woven or knitted fabrics, worn un-stretched in light colours
    2. SLOP on SPF 30+ sunscreen
    • apply 20 minutes before going outside: 2tsp per exposed limb
    • re-apply every 2 hours and after swimming or excessive sweating
    • ensure it's broad spectrum, water-resistant and within expiry
      3. SLAP on a hat
      • wide brim, bucket or legionnaire style to protect face, neck, eyes and ears
      • material that blocks light and casts shade
      • choose one that's practical cool and comfortable
      4. SEEK shade
      • natural: trees, shrubs
      • built: pergola, shade sails
      • portable: umbrella, beach tent in light colours
      5. SLIDE on sunglasses
      • close-fitting, wrap-around style
      • polarised lenses to reduce glare
      • Australian Standard AS1067: 2016 category 2+


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I know what the UV level is? Download the SunSmart app onto your smart phone for daily UV level projections and live readings, what times sun protection is recommended each day, plus a sunscreen calculator, weather forecast and so much more!




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