Happiness Hormones

Hormones play a huge role in elevating our wellbeing by helping us feel happy, supported, calm and satisfied. Exercising with friends, spending time with loved ones (pets included!), eating healthy foods and getting quality sleep are just a few ways to trigger our four happiness hormones.

the mood stabiliser

  • practice meditation
  • walk in nature
  • spend time in the sun, safely
  • eat eggs, tofu, pineapple

the bonding agent

  • play with pets
  • cuddle loved ones
  • cook with friends
  • be kind to others

the rewards giver

  • embrace challenges
  • plan rewards
  • play competitive sports
  • get regular, high-quality sleep

    the pain reliever

    • laugh with friends
    • exercise in a group
    • eat dark chocolate
    • receive acupuncture