Diabetic Hypoglycemia

 Student First Aid - Diabetic Hypoglycemia

Diabetic Hypoglycemia - Very low blood sugar can cause exhaustion, loss of concentration, confusion, irritability, severe thirst or hunger, abdominal pain, headache, anxiety, shaking, sweating, seizure or rapid loss of consciousness.


1. Give a sugary drink, chocolate or jelly beans if patient is fully conscious and able to swallow.

2. If no improvement or status deteriorates, call ambulance on Triple Zero (000) or mobile 112. Monitor consciousness, breathing and pulse.

3. Improvement following sugary snack is usually quick. Once fully alert, offer more substantial carbohydrate snack, eg. pasta, rice, dried fruit.

4. Reassure and comfort the patient during recovery as confusion is common.

5. Seek medical advice even after full recovery.