Body Confidence

Around 30% of young people say they're "extremely or very concerned" about their body image. Schools can play a crucial role in the early intervention and prevention of negative body image and eating disorders.

With thanks to Butterfly Foundation, here are 10 tips to support Body Confidence.

1. EMPOWER young people to be more than their appearance

2. BE MINDFUL of language and discourage appearance-based talk

3. ENCOURAGE healthy relationships with food and exercise

4. ROLE MODEL positive body image and be the change!

5. CHALLENGE appearance ideals across all media

6. BE AWARE of warning signs and intervene early if a young person is struggling

7. ADDRESS THE RISK and protective factors that underpin body dissatisfaction

8. PROVIDE evidence-based education for the whole school community

9. OPPOSE diet culture and unhelpful messaging

10. SAY NO to appearance-based teasing and/or bullying