Head Injury

Student First Aid - Head Injury

Head Injury - Loss of consciousness or responsiveness, lack or balance or coordination, dazed, drowsy or dizzy, blurred vision, headache, seizure, nausea, amnesia, bleeding.


1. Assess patient’s conscious state.

2. Place in recovery position if breathing normally but unconscious or semi-conscious. Prepare for CPR if conscious state deteriorates.

3. Call Triple Zero (000) or mobile 112 for an ambulance if there is major laceration or force of injury, or if patient vomits or loses consciousness.

4. Cover ear or nose discharge with sterile dressing but do not pack.

5. Cover patient with blanket, continue to observe and reassure.

6. Cleanse superficial wounds with saline and apply sterile dressing.

7. Order medical concussion examination for all head injuries.

The HeadCheck concussion app is an excellent resource for school nurses, trainers and parents to recognise the signs and symptoms of concussion, and manage recovery from it.