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Student First Aid

Steri-7 Biocidal Foaming Hand Rub 600ml 40101071

Steri-7 Biocidal Foaming Hand Rub 600ml 40101071

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S-7XTRA Biocidal Foaming Hand Rub is an innovative alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Its highly protective reactive barrier technology breaks down and kills COVID-19 and other enveloped viruses. 

This foam-alternative to alcohol-based hand rubs stays active for up to 3 hours and is proven to break down and kill surface-treated viruses including COVID-19.

The hypoallergenic formula is 100% organic, PH neutral, moisturising and free from alcohol, irritants and perfume, so it's kind on sensitive skin, particularly after frequent washing.

600ml pump-pack is ready to use, is cost-effective and proudly made in Australia!

Steri-7 Biocidal Foaming Hand Rub Directions

  1. Wash hands with soap and water if possible
  2. Pump once into the palm, distribute thoroughly over front and back of hands and fingers.
  3. Allow to air-dry. 


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