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School First Aid Kit Large Refill 20403107

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The School First Aid Kit Large Refill provides comprehensive first aid for school groups when outside the school grounds.

  • Ideal for school outings, camps, excursions, sports carnivals and other offsite school activities
  • Packed with ample first aid supplies to accommodate a large group of students and teachers
  • First aid applications cover common injuries, special needs and trauma events
  • Provides for best practice disposal of sharps, vomit, and contaminated waste  
  • Contents regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods Administration
  • Proudly designed and made in Australia


A well-stocked First Aid Kit is essential in an emergency. Replace items when used, and always check expiry dates.


School First Aid Kit Large Refill Contents

1 x Alcohol Swab (100)

1 x Antiseptic Spray 50ml

1 x Plastic Dressing Strips 1.9cm x 7.2cm (100)

2 x Wound Dressing No.13 Small

2 x Wound Dressing No.14 Medium

2 x Wound Dressing No.15 Large

1 x Wound Closure Butterfly Strips (10)

6 x Combine Dressing Pad 10cm x 10cm

4 x Non-Adherent Dressing Lite 5cm x 7.5cm

4 x Non-Adherent Dressing Lite 7.5cm x 10cm

4 x Melolin Low-Adherent Dressing 10cm x 10cm

4 x Eye Pad Sterile 6cm x 8cm

6 x Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm (5)

2 x Conforming Bandage Elastic Gauze 2.5cm

2 x Conforming Bandage Elastic Gauze 5cm

4 x Conforming Bandage Elastic Gauze 7.5cm

2 x Conforming Bandage Elastic Gauze 10cm

2 x Crepe Bandage Medium 5cm x 1.5-4m

6 x Crepe Bandage Medium 7.5cm x 1.5-4m

2 x Crepe Bandage Medium 10cm x 1.5-4m

2 x Crepe Elastic Bandage Heavy 15cm x 1.8-4m

4 x Triangular Bandage Cloth 110cm x 110cm x 155cm

1 x Hypoallergenic Paper Tape 2.5cm x 9m

1 x Eyewash Saline Ampoules 15ml (15)

1 x Cup Medicine Measure Conical Plastic 40ml

1 x Sanitary Pads (16)

1 x Instant Ice Pack Disposable Large

1 x Scissors Sharp Blunt S/Steel 12.5cm

1 x Universal Shears

1 x Forceps Plastic Disposable 11cm

2 x Bag Press Seal Assorted (3)

1 x Blanket Thermal Accident

1 x Safety Pins Assorted (12)

2 x Splinter Probes Disposable (5)

1 x LiteAire Spacer Disposable (5)

1 x Vomit Waste Bag

1 x Bio Hazard Bag 300mm x 250mm

1 x Sharps Container 250ml

1 x Resuscitation Face Shield Disposable

1 x CPR Pocket Mask

1 x Sam Splint 18"

1 x First Aid Handy Hints Booklet

1 x Register of Injuries Pad Duplicate 25pp

3 x Nitrile Glove Disposable Powder Free Blue (1 Pair)

1 x Hand Sanitiser Gel 60ml

1 x Towel Low Lint Wipe 35cm x 30cm

1 x Tissues Facial Pocket Pack (9)