Manikin Face Shields Disposable (36) x 6 11203004

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Manikin Face Shields Disposable enable effective and hygienic CPR training in a group or class situation.

Each Manikin Face Shield Disposable has a low-resistance filter that fits over the manikin face. When used in conjunction with a disinfectant, it provides a cost-efficient solution for students to safely share manikins in class.

Manikin Face Shields Disposable are for training purposes with Little Anne, Baby Anne and Little Family manikins only. They come in convenient 6 x 36-shield rolls.

Manikin Face Shields Disposable Directions

  1. Tear a shield from the roll and position over the manikin face.
  2. Commence CPR training.
  3. Single-use only. Dispose after use.

Manikin Face Shields Disposable Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Latex free.