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First Aid Handy Hints Booklet 11401001

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First Aid Handy Hints Booklet guides School Nurses, First Aiders and teachers through common First Aid applications and basic life support.

Keeping First Aid instructions on hand can reduce the severity of student injuries through rapid and practical assistance.

First Aid Handy Hints Booklet is small enough to keep in a mobile First Aid Kit, waist bag or pocket. The First Aid information is written in simple language with colour illustrations to ensure effective application, regardless of First Aid training levels.

First Aid Handy Hints Booklet Directions

  1. Ensure booklet is kept in multiple locations across school campus.
  2. Keep booklet handy and at eye level.
  3. Identify student’s injury, use contents page to find relevant information and calmly follow instructions.

First Aid Handy Hints Booklet Information

For external use only. Store at eye level in cool, dry place.