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Student First Aid

Eye Pad Sterile 6cm x 8cm 10205018

Eye Pad Sterile 6cm x 8cm 10205018

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Eye Pad Sterile protects and aids the healing of an eye injury.

The round dressing pad is designed to fit a student’s eye socket with minimal obstruction and disturbance. Wearing an eye pad protects an injured eye from further injury, infection and strain.

Eye Pad Sterile should be applied after flushing foreign bodies from a student’s eye, or if a student has been hit in the eye area. It is an essential component of First Aid Kits and First Aid Rooms.

Eye Pad Sterile Directions

  1. Unwrap eye pad from sterile packaging.
  2. Place eye pad over affected eye and secure with hypoallergenic tape.
  3. Remove carefully if eye pad causes any further irritation.

Eye Pad Sterile Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

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