Eye Drops Ampoules 0.4ml (30) 10603001

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Eye Drops Ampoules comfort irritated, dry and tired eyes.

These single use eye drops ampoules lubricate the eyes to provide long-lasting moisture while also hydrating and protecting the cells that can become damaged due to dry eyes.

Eye Drops Ampoules are suitable for contact lens wearers and are convenient and economical for schools and colleges. 

Eye Drops Ampoules Directions

  1. Wash hands and bend student’s head backwards while gently pulling down lower eyelid.
  2. Hold ampoule above one eye and instil 1 drop to affected eye. To avoid contamination, do not touch tip of ampoule to any surface.
  3. Release eyelid and keep student’s eye closed for 2-3 minutes with their head titled down towards floor. Use as frequently as required. Discard unused solution immediately.

Eye Drops Ampoules Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Active ingredients polyvinyl alcohol 14mg, Povidone 6mg per 1ml. Size 0.4ml.