Ear Thermometer Probe Covers (20) 11202072

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Disposable Ear Thermometer Probe Covers protect both students and School Nurse, ensuring temperature-taking is an easy, hygienic process.

Designed for student comfort, Ear Thermometer Probe Covers help protect thermoscan units, students and School Nurse from potential cross-contamination, minimising spread of germs.

Ear Thermometer Probe Covers fit Braun Thermoscan models, ensuring clean and efficient temperature checking. Automatic probe cover eject button ensures quick and easy removal of used probe covers for immediate disposal.

Ear Thermometer Probe Covers Directions

  1. Remove single probe cover from packaging.
  2. Place cover over Braun Thermoscan probe.
  3. Dispose probe cover immediately after use.

Ear Thermometer Probe Covers Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.