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Student First Aid

Compression Elastic Bandage 10cm 10301023

Compression Elastic Bandage 10cm 10301023

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Compression Elastic Bandage helps reduce strain on muscles, tendons and joints.

This elastic bandage suppresses or reduces inflammation by providing localised compression, and antimicrobial treatment that inhibits bacteria growth and related odours.

Compression Elastic Bandage comes with clips for easy and quick application, and has a coated edge to prevent fraying. It is reusable and retains elasticity after washing. Includes attached clip.

Compression Elastic Bandage Directions

  1. Locate injury and check standard procedure for bandaging.
  2. Start with roll facing up, and proceed to wrap.
  3. Do not wrap too tightly, check with student for comfort. Bandage should be removed for several minutes at least twice daily.

Compression Elastic Bandage Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains latex. Size 10cm x 4.1m.

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