Cohesive Bandage Blue 5cm 10301032

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Cohesive Bandage Blue 5cm is used for general support, light compression and dressing retention.

The visually detectable blue colour meets food handling requirements, making it ideal for use in food technology, canteen and other food preparation environments.

Cohesive Bandage Blue 5cm is constructed from strong synthetic fibres and natural latex cohesive for non-slip support and compression. It conforms to awkward body contours and doesn’t shrink sideways, avoiding the risk of constriction.

The bandage adheres only to itself, not to skin or clothing, minimising risk of irritation or damage. And it tears to size, so no need for scissors.

Cohesive Bandage Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains latex. Size 5cm x 4.5m.