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Student First Aid

Basic Dressing Pack 10204051

Basic Dressing Pack 10204051

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Basic Dressing Pack provides a quick and easy, single-use sterile work environment for cleaning and dressing wounds.

This all-in-one dressing pack fits easily in a portable First Aid Kit or First Aid Room cupboard. It contains a dressing tray, plastic forceps, cotton balls, gauze swabs, paper towel and working sheet. 

Basic Dressing Pack offers convenience and best practice hygiene, whether in the First Aid Room or out in the school grounds. It is single-use only, and very cost effective.

Basic Dressing Pack Directions

  1. Wearing gloves, open dressing pack and lay out contents on blue working sheet
  2. Pour an antiseptic solution or saline into dressing tray and apply to wound with cotton balls using forceps. Finish with gauze swabs and apply an adhesive or non-adherent dressing as necessary. Use paper towel for spills or mess.
  3. Once finished, wrap working sheet around entire contents and dispose.

Basic Dressing Pack Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place.

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