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Asthma Emergency Module 20402320

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Asthma Emergency Module is a Department-prescribed essential addition to any large first aid kit or student's personal Medical Emergency ID Pouch.

  • Asthma First Aid card with Basic Life Support chart on reverse provides life-saving instructions
  • Disposable spacers deliver metered-dose asthma medication if regular spacer is not on hand
  • Alcohol swabs and nitrile gloves ensure best-practice hygiene standards
  • Module is compact enough to fit inside a larger first aid kit or Medical Emergency ID Pouch

Ideal for Personal Medical Emergency ID Pouches, Excursion & Camp First Aid Kits, Sports & Outdoor Education First Aid Kits


2 x disposable LiteAire spacers

1 x disposable resuscitation shield

2 x pairs nitrile gloves

4 x alcohol swabs

1 x notebook & pencil

1 x Asthma First Aid card