Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free (10) 10101005

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Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free are suitable for cleaning students’ minor cuts and grazes, prior to the application of a dressing or plaster.

Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free offer the benefits of a conventional antiseptic with the convenience of a wipe, making application quicker and easier. They maximise prevention of infection, without sting.

This handy 10 pack has 10 Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free. Each wipe is individually sealed for single use only, to soothe and clean abrasions.

Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free Directions

  1. Wipe wound once, then dispose of wipe.
  2. Repeat using new wipe.
  3. Always wipe away from wound to avoid further infection.

Cetrimide Antiseptic Wipe Alcohol-Free Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains 1 percent Cetrimide, 0.02 percent Chlorhexidine. Size 20cm x 10cm.