First Aid Supplies Checklist


CPR instructions poster.

First Aid/CPR instruction book.

Emergency Care Plans for students with special needs.

Emergency contact and health information for students, teachers and staff.

List of First Aid trained teachers and staff.

List of important local emergency telephone numbers including police, fire, emergency services, nearest hospitals, Poisons Information Centre.

School-wide emergency operations response plan.

Map of the school buildings and grounds.


Alcohol wipes.

Bandage fabric strips.

Bandage plastic strips.


Blunt/sharp scissors.

Clock with second hand.

Defibrillator including batteries, pads, storage cabinet and maintenance plan.

Disposable blankets.


Emergency items, medication and equipment for students with special healthcare needs.

Eye irrigation.

Eye pads.

Eye protection.

Fast acting glucose.

First Aid Kit.

Forms for documentation of assessment, triage and treatments/interventions.

Gloves disposable.

Hand sanitizer.

Hot/Cold packs.

Ice packs instant.

Keys to access locked First Aid supplies.

Resealable plastic bags.

Resuscitation masks.


Sharps container.




Torch with extra batteries.

Vomit waste bags.



Develop a coordinated and practiced medical response plan with staff and teachers. Include appropriate evaluation and quality improvement.

Inspect and maintain all supplies and equipment at appropriate intervals.

Place all emergency supplies and equipment in an office or cabinet to expedite emergency care

Clearly mark the location of emergency supplies and equipment on school floor plans.


Student First Aid - Helping you improve the health and wellbeing of every student

All plans and procedures should be in compliance with state and federal regulation