Back To School Checklist

Office Setup

Set up desk and organise office space.

Unpack inventory and first aid supplies received during school holidays.

Identify students new to the school for this year. 

Create or distribute universal precaution supplies to classrooms and special area locations as needed

Prepare presentation on blood borne pathogens, diabetes, life-threatening allergies, CPR/AED/first aid as appropriate.

Care Planning And Documentation

Identify students with health concerns and check for special needs, allergy, asthma and epilepsy Emergency Care Plans.

Prepare Emergency Care Plans for students at risk of an emergency condition

Collaborate with family and healthcare providers to develop Individual Healthcare Plans for students with health needs, obtain parent/guardian permission to consult with healthcare providers.

Set up meetings with teachers to review student health concerns, Emergency Care Plans and Disaster Plans.

Set up documentation system for current school year.

Retrieve immunisation records.

Confirm immunization status of incoming students.

Contact parents/guardians of students who are not in compliance with immunisations.

Medications And First Aid

Prepare documentation system, check to see that locks on storage units are working.

Receive medications, check and record expiration dates as appropriate, affix student picture to container and medication record.

Review orders, request clarification from healthcare provider as needed.

Prepare medication administration schedule.

Restock First Aid kits.

Screening Preparation

Identify mandated screenings and grade levels requiring screening.

Confirm that equipment (eye chart, vision tester, audiometer, etc.) is in working order.

Prepare screening schedule and documentation system.

Notify parents in school newsletter or other communication about upcoming screening.

School First Aid Groups

Notify school administration regarding School First Aid Groups you would like to be a part of for the current school year (First Aid Training, Individual Education Plan, Disaster Planning, Health Promotion, Health and Wellbeing).

Notify school administration regarding your ability to provide leadership to School First Aid Groups.

Add schedule of meetings to your calendar.

Raise student health and wellbeing with teachers and staff. Talk with them about health plans for the year, get their feedback on areas of concern and where greater focus is needed.


Student First Aid - Helping you improve the health and wellbeing of every student

All plans and procedures should be in compliance with state and federal regulations