Tasmania funds school social workers and psychologists

Student First Aid - Tasmania funds school social workers and psychologists

A new round of Tasmanian education funding is set to help ensure students are happy and healthy, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Fourteen additional support staff positions will be offered in schools across the state to offer a helping hand to young people in need. These include speech pathologists, psychologists and social workers based across the State. 

The $6.9 million of state budget funding will enable staff to work with children of all ages on a needs-based roster. 

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Mark Morrissey, pictured above, said it was important to equip students with the knowledge and resilience needed to face the fast-changing world. 

‘Putting these resources into the schools is just the natural next step in giving kids a much better start to life,’ he said.

‘If kids aren’t getting the necessary health and wellbeing support they need, they’re going to struggle to get the education outcomes to do well at school.

‘The world is getting more complex, but I think as we know more about child development, the needs of children, we know much more about the critical link between health and wellbeing and education outcomes.’

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