School Nurse Product Focus - Combine Dressing Pad

Combine Dressing Pad is used to pack a large bleeding wound after initial bleeding has been controlled by direct pressure.

Combine Dressing Pad protects a student’s wound and reduces risk of infection. It should be applied with pressure and secured with a bandage.

Each sterile dressing pad consists of highly absorbent layers of thick fleece enclosed in a soft and comfortable non-woven fabric to prevent pressure areas forming. Combine Dressing Pad is sterile and water-resistant.

Combine Dressing Pad Directions

1. Clean wound with water or antiseptic, avoiding clots or congealed blood.

2. Remove sterile combine dressing pad from wrapping and place firmly over wound.

3. Secure combine dressing pad with a firm bandage. Ensure pressure is not too tight by checking pulse below wound.

Combine Dressing Pad Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Size 10cm x 20cm.

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