School Nurse Product Focus – Cohesive Bandage Tan 5cm

Cohesive Bandage Tan 5cm is a highly durable bandage with adhesive backing, suitable for light support or compression.

Cohesive Bandage Tan 5cm is made of nylon, elastic yarn and latex, which maintains consistent, non-slip support and compression. It’s ideal for active students with sports injuries requiring immobilisation and compression.

Being cohesive, the bandage only adheres to itself, not skin or clothing. It’s highly flexible and conforms well to awkward body contours without the risk of constriction. The 5cm width is ideal for finger injuries.


  1. Remove Cohesive Bandage Tan 5cm from its wrapping. Cut or tear tape to appropriate length.
  2. Wrap injured limb or body part firmly but not tightly. Use a sterile dry dressing before covering an open wound.
  3. Ensure Cohesive Bandage Tan 5cm sufficiently supports the injury without constricting blood flow.


For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contains latex. 5cm x 3m.

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