School Nurse Product Focus - Activeaide Anaphylaxis Pen Holder

Activeaide Anaphylaxis Pen Holder allows for easy access to medication for students suffering from anaphylaxis.

With heavy duty fabric for protection and longer wear, each lightweight Activeaide Anaphylaxis Pen Holder is insulated with a padded interior. It should be clearly labelled with name and phone details of the student.

Anaphylaxis can be a life-threatening condition, so easy and immediate access to auto-injector medication is critical. All school teachers and staff should be trained to use an auto-injector correctly. Anaphylaxis pen holders should be kept in each classroom, First Aid Room, and ideally with each student at all times.

Activeaide Anaphylaxis Pen Holder Directions

  1. Label each anaphylaxis pen holder with student’s name and contact details.
  2. Insert anaphylaxis auto-injector medication pen into anaphylaxis pen holder.
  3. Store in easily accessible place, ideally with student who may require anaphylaxis medication.

Activeaide Anaphylaxis Pen Holder Information

Anaphylaxis pen holder is for external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Anaphylaxis medication is for diagnosed students only.

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