Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

Student First Aid - Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

Warwick State High School students got a taste of healthy living thanks to the Vegie Man.

With an eager band of helpers, the very colourful Vegie Man walked throughout the school during the lunch break offering fruit platters for the students to sample.

It’s an annual event at Warwick State High School and School Nurse Denise Dixon said the aim was to raise awareness about healthy behaviours.

‘Obviously we’d like all our students to lead a healthy life and eat healthy foods,’ she said.

‘But that’s not always possible all of the time, so this is a chance for us to get out among the student population with a little reminder.

‘And some free fresh fruit, which always helps.’

Mrs Dixon said as well as the fresh fruit, there were library displays about Health Week as well.

‘We’ll be talking to the kids about their diet and what they eat at school, as well as healthy sleeping habits and things we take for granted like drinking enough water.

‘All beneficial towards to leading a healthy life.’

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