Preparation Begins for Mental Health Week

A West Australian School came up with a clever idea to raise awareness around student’s mental health for this year’s Mental Health Week, 8-14 October. Eastern Goldfields College planned a weeklong event designed to connect and engage students.

Ashley Kingston, the school’s College Student Services Program Coordinator said, 'As a college, we are committed to creating a strong culture of wellbeing and resilience for our students.' Ms Kingston hoped that the program would reassure students by creating a positive school environment. 

The week began with chess, checkers, card games and table tennis taking place through lunch and recess, with the remainder of the week’s program consisting of activities such as yoga, pot planting, painting and staff vs student sporting activities.

Mental Health Week celebrated 50 years this year with the theme of ‘Connect with nature, connect with community, connect with self for mental wellbeing’.

Eastern Goldfields College had designed its program with this year’s theme in mind, creating a chance for students to get involved and connect not only themselves, but with their peers and teachers.

'Mental health week is a good opportunity for us to raise awareness of the importance of mental health,' says Ms Kingston.

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