New Focus On Students Overall Health

Student First Aid - New Focus On Students Overall Health

Adelaide’s Westminster School is among many schools adding wellbeing programs to the curriculum in a bid to increase not only student resilience and self-esteem but also overall academic success.

Adelaide Now reported the school recently created a new ‘Head of Wellbeing’ role. Liz Collins, pictured with students Alex and Sankkirtana, started in the position this term and her primary focus is to ensure the students have a sense of fulfilment and that they can contribute to school life.

‘Current research is showing how significant the wellbeing of students is in their overall success, life satisfaction, academic achievement and we’re realising that we need to give it specific attention,’ she said.

In her new role, Ms Collins has established a Wellbeing Team made up of staff representatives from both the Junior and Senior Schools, which also includes student and parent representatives.

‘This team meets at least twice a term and is responsible for the general direction we are heading as a school, in regard to wellbeing,’ she said.

Across all year levels, students participate in weekly activities, which aid their connection to each other as well as to the school.

Ms Collins said wellbeing was being promoted at both public and private schools.

‘I am more familiar with the private sector, but I do know it is happening in the public sector too,’ she said.

‘It’s definitely becoming more of a recognised need across the board.’

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