Melbourne Students Suffer In Silence

Student First Aid - Melbourne Students Suffer In Silence

Melbourne students recently sniffled and sneezed their way through the worst hay fever day of the year.

Pollen levels were classed as extreme at 154 grass grains per cubic metre of air. An extreme day is when the pollen count is above 100.

The Herald Sun reported that many school students visited their School Nurse to relieve red eyes, runny noses and sore throats due to the extreme pollen count.

But students have been suffering in silence, as school staff are unable to give out antihistamines.

Staff at Wembley Primary School in Yarraville have told parents that without a medical authority form, they are unable to give out antihistamines.

They have urged parents to check the pollen count online each day before school and if needed, give their child medication at home.

It’s important to monitor hay fever symptoms in children, particularly those with asthma and hay fever, before emergency hospitalisation becomes necessary in some cases.

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