Grammar Student Recovering After Schoolyard Accident

A Gippsland Grammar student placed into an induced coma following a schoolyard accident is in good spirits and recovering well.

According to a report in the Gippsland Times, the Year 10 student was playing basketball around 2pm when he and another boy collided, and he landed on his head.

Still unconscious when paramedics arrived, the boy was placed into an induced coma, and flown by air ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Principal David Baker said the student had been woken and was in good spirits, with no apparent long-term damage.

‘The paramedics were fantastic,’ he said. ‘They were there quickly, calm, in control and stabilised him.”

Mr Baker praised the quick thinking actions of another student, who rolled the boy into the recovery position and stayed with him until they arrived.

‘His first aid skills were phenomenal and he handled the situation perfectly.’

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