A Day In The Life Of School Nurse Joyce Crawford

Student First Aid - A Day In The Life Of School Nurse Joyce Crawford

Joyce Crawford is a School Nurse at North Greene High School in Baileyton, Tennessee. North Greene High School has 371 students.

What do you enjoy most about being a School Nurse?

I particularly enjoy being around young people in the same school from which I graduated years ago. I get a kick out of caring for the students I knew when they were youngsters at McDonald Elementary School, where my school nursing career began.

Is it a close bond?

I think that close attachment that develops between School Nurses and students is universal. Those School Nurses turn into great advocates for those kids. They truly love those kids.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Much of my attention is taken up by helping the diabetic students in the system stay monitored and regulated. It’s a question of helping them learn to manage their diabetes,

How do you do that?

I assist as needed with insulin shots. Although the goal is to help the students learn to do that, I help assure that dosages are correct and administered properly. I also help with students who wear insulin pumps.


Would you like to share a day in your life as a School Nurse?  

How do you go about helping improve the health and wellbeing of students? What’s your biggest challenge? What support do you need to do a better job as a School Nurse?

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