School First Aid Program Saves Parents

Student First Aid - School First Aid Program Saves Parents

Croydon school girl Emily O’Neill gave emergency first aid to each of her parents after separate dramatic accidents.

According to the Leader, the Tinternvale Primary school student is among 6500 Maroondah children from Prep to Year 8 who have taken First Aid courses since 2012.

The free course proved invaluable when Emily’s mum, Zoe, burnt her face with a boiling-hot egg fresh from the microwave.

Emily turned on a cold shower then guided her screaming mum to the bathroom. She made sure the burn was thoroughly doused, then called an ambulance and relayed instructions to her mother

A month later, her father, Andrew, fainted in the bathroom at night, cutting his head on the basin.

Emily again rang 000 relayed advice, turned on the lights and unlocked the door for paramedics.

Both parents made full recoveries.

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