Young Boy Saves Drowning Child

Student First Aid - Young Boy Saves Drowning Child

A young Altona North boy is being praised for using First Aid training learnt at school to save a four-year-old boy from drowning.

Judd Greenham, 8, was playing in a Port Douglas resort pool while on a family holiday when he saw Matthew Sagar slip on a step, hit his head and fall unconscious to the bottom of the pool.

Although there were five adults watching over the shallow pool, the incident happened so quickly that Judd was the only one to see the incident.

Using First Aid learnt at school, Judd said his pool safety training kicked in and he began to practice what he’d been taught.

‘I pulled his head up from the water,’ he said.

‘I put my hand under his nose to see if he was breathing and he wasn’t breathing.’

Judd then called his mother who phoned an ambulance. Paramedics arrived and Matthew slowly regained consciousness as Judd stood over him repeating questions he learnt at school, such as ‘how many fingers am I holding up?’

First Aid training gave Judd the confidence to act quickly to save Matthew’s life.

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