West Australian School Nurse Saves Student After Heart Attack

A Bunbury Catholic College student could have died after suffering a heart attack in class, if not for the life-saving intervention of his School Nurse.

Wyatt Hancock collapsed without warning during a midmorning maths class. He suffered a severe heart attack and dropped to the floor.

School Nurse Miranda McKee performed CPR to keep the 17-year-old - who had no pre-existing conditions - alive until paramedics arrived.

Ambulance officers used a defibrillator to shock Wyatt several times.

Doctors are still trying to determine what caused the heart attack. They said Wyatt’s heart could have been weakened by a viral infection or his heart rhythm could have been interrupted by something electrical.

The student’s parents said the School Nurse gave their son the best possible chance of surviving the incident.

‘Her actions, and the speed of her actions and the calmness and the way she undertook it has given our son the best possible opportunity of pulling through with the best recovery he could expect,’ his father said.

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