Queensland Vows To Restore School Nurses Program

Queensland State Government will spend $12 million on hiring specialist School Nurses over four years.

The health initiative was promised by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk as part of her election campaign earlier this year. She said the School Nurses would help identify hearing and vision problems in schoolchildren.

Queensland’s School Nurses program was cut back by the Newman Government.

‘These are specialist School Nurses who provide testing in relation to hearing and vision,’ she said. ‘They also provide advice on nutrition and some stages can provide early diagnosis.’

‘This is about getting in early, this is about tackling the issue to make sure our kids get the best start in life.’

‘We have been listening to what the parents have had to say and they have been absolutely furious that the School Nurses have been axed in this state.’

Queensland State Government will rehire 8 School Nurses and expand the program by hiring another 12.

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