Update: Anaphylaxis Management In Schools

The Royal Children’s Hospital and ASCIA now recommend that Victorian schools include student’s name and ASCIA Action Plan with each Adrenaline Autoinjector Pouch.

It is now recommended that:

  • Adrenaline Autoinjectors for individual students, or for general use, be stored correctly and be able to be accessed quickly because exposure to allergens can lead to an anaphylactic reaction in as little as five minutes;
  • Adrenaline Autoinjectors be stored in an unlocked, easily accessible place away from direct light and heat but not in a refrigerator or freezer;
  • Each Adrenaline Autoinjector be clearly labelled with the student’s name and be stored with a copy of the student’s ASCIA Action Plan;
  • An Adrenaline Autoinjector for general use be clearly labelled and distinguishable from those for students at risk of anaphylaxis.

To ensure your school stays ahead of best practice Anaphylaxis Management, Student First Aid is recommending Anaphylaxis Emergency ID Pouches be used in schools nationally.

The pouches come in two sizes and are made from high quality Neoprene, which is lightweight, buoyant, thermally insulated and heat/water resistant. They also come with a carabiner attached to the zip for easy portability.

The student’s Emergency ID Card slides easily into the display window for quick identification.

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