School Students Rally To Raise Funds For Crash Victim

Student First Aid - School Students Rally To Raise Funds For Crash Victim

School friends have joined forces to raise more than $5500 to support a fellow student who was hit by a car.

The Geelong Advertiser newspaper reported that Bellarine Secondary College Year 10 student Chelsea Novoselac created a crowd-funding page that prompted a wave of donations for Lachlan MacKinnon.

Lachlan was attempting to cross the four-lane highway to get to the school bus stop at Melaluka Road when he was struck by a car.

Ms Novoselac and classmate Brigette Bateman said Lachlan’s accident had united the school.

‘Anyone could have been Lachie, it could have been me, it could be my brother and sister, any of us,’ Ms Novoselac said.

‘Lachie is quite shy but when you get to know him he’s a really bright, bubbly young man and I’m lucky to know him.’

Bellarine Secondary principal Alison Murphy said the school was incredibly proud of Ms Novoselac.

‘I congratulate Chelsea for stepping up, taking action, proving that it is possible for a young person to make a significant difference and for mobilising others to do the same,’ she said.

‘I know Lachlan’s family are very appreciative of what she is doing.’

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