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Basic Classroom First Aid Kit 20302401

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The Basic Classroom First Aid Kit is a handy resource for minor first aid incidents in the classroom.

This kit is ideal for cuts and grazes, vomit spills and minor eye irritations, which the classroom teacher or first aider can attend to on site before the student is taken to the school nurse or first aid room, if necessary.  

Disposable gloves and antiseptic wipes maintain personal protection and prevent cross-contamination. The lightweight carry case is easy to grab and run, and keeps contents organised in compartments with room for additional supplies if necessary.

The Basic Classroom First Aid Kit's contents are regulated and safeguarded by Therapeutic Goods Administration, and the kit is proudly designed and produced by Student First Aid in Australia.


Basic Classroom First Aid Kit Directions

1. Identify injury or condition needing attendance
2. Locate appropriate equipment or item from First Aid Kit
3. Apply item as required


    Basic Classroom First Aid Kit Information

    For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Vinyl Carry Case

    Dimensions L25.7cm x W7cm x H12.3cm

    Weight 0.45kg

    A well-stocked First Aid Kit is essential in an emergency. Replace items when used, and always check expiry dates.


    Basic Classroom First Aid Kit Contents

    2 x Antiseptic Wipe Cetrimide Alcohol Free

    10 x Dressing Plastic Latex Free 1.9cm x 7.2cm

    2 x Eyewash Saline Ampoule 15ml 

    1 x Vomit Cleanup Sachet

    1 x Vomit Waste Bag

    4 x Glove Nitrile Disposable Blue Powder Free Large