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Alcohol Wipes Multi-Purpose (50) 40403014

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Alcohol Wipes Multi-Purpose are pre-moistened soft cloths for disinfecting hard surfaces such as desks, telephones, sinks, benchtops, personal effects and equipment.

The tissue-type wipes are saturated in a 75% alcohol solution, which significantly reduces the spread of germs and viruses while improving the hygiene of school and First Aid facilities.

Each pack contains 50 large wipes (150mm x 200mm), with a double-closure system to prevent liquid evaporation. The pack is compact and convenient for keeping in a drawer, car or bag.

Alcohol Wipes Multi-Purpose Directions

  1. Take out wipe from pack, ensuring a proper seal and closure.
  2. Use wipe on appropriate surface.
  3. Dispose of wipe after use.

Alcohol Wipes Multi-Purpose Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Contain 70 percent v/v Isopropyl alcohol. Highly flammable.