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This is a Bulk Buy item for Term 1 2020 School Specials.

Wound Dressing No.14 Medium is an emergency dressing for compression of a medium-sized, serious wound.

These medium wound dressings have a highly absorbent cotton pad attached to a cotton gauze bandage to absorb and stem the flow of blood.

Wound Dressing No.14 Medium is a single use item and essential for all First Aid Kits.

Wound Dressing Directions

  1. Pull tab to unwrap dressing. Avoid touching front of sterile pad.
  2. Place pad over wound while keeping hold of short end of bandage.
  3. Wind long end firmly around limb and tie in knot.

Wound Dressing Information

For external use only. Store in cool, dry place. Size medium 14cm x 10cm.