More Schools Value Mental And Physical Wellbeing

Student First Aid - More Schools Value Mental And Physical Wellbeing

For children to flourish in the 21st century they need to be strong – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Fortunately, many schools are equipping students with tools to reach their potential, including self-confidence, resilience, emotional literacy, healthy relationships, health, fitness and strong personal values.

The Weekly Times reports schools across Australia have taken a variety of approaches to teaching wellbeing.

For some, such as Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne, the wellbeing program is embedded into the curriculum.

Students develop social and emotional skills in every lesson such as studying texts that deal with friendships and life issues in English, faith and ethics in Religious Education, and physical and sexual health in Health classes.

As MLC’s director of Student Wellbeing Lisa Gatliff explains, the best way to develop these skills is to practise them.

Co-curricular activities such as sport, drama, music, community action groups and outdoor education challenge students to develop resilience, problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership. But students aren’t always aware of what they’re learning.

‘When we go out on a hike, we don’t say, OK now you’re developing teamwork skills and collaboration. But that’s actually what they’re doing,’ Ms Gatliff says.

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